About Us

oldstorephotoforaboutsection AboutMinnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits has been around ever since it was legal to sell liquor in the City of Minneapolis. That’s right, our store dates almost as far back as prohibition itself! Don’t believe us? Check out this very retro calendar we still have in our office.

We’d love to say it’s been in our family that long as well, but our family wasn’t even in America  when that liquor license was issued. It wasn’t until after WWII that my grandfather, Max Krause, came to the US through ellis island eventually settling in Minnesota. After years of working and saving, he purchased Minnehaha Liquors around 1983. He owned and operated the store for nearly 6 years until he got sick in 1989 and my Dad, Steve Krause, became the owner/operator and he has been ever since. A little more than 2 years ago, I decided it was time to join him and now we run the business together. We take great pride in our family business and our own version of an immigrant family living the american dream.” We love the City of Minneapolis and serving our customers. We strive to make sure that each person who walks through our doors knows how much we value them and appreciate their business.  

Our Staff

We have been very fortunate to have found some wonderful people that we have the privilege of working with. Our staff is warm, friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and engaging. Most have been part of our “Minnehaha Liquor Family” for many years.

Liquor Sales Professionals

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No matter the industry, a professional should be someone who makes your life easier. Let us be your liquor sales professionals.

Are you getting married, throwing a party, or hosting a business event and you’re not sure what to serve or how much to buy?!? No problem. Just contact us via phone or email. We’ll ask you a few questions to get more specifics about your event and then let us handle the rest.

Want to give guests at your wedding or corporate event a custom labelled bottle of wine, but not sure where to start? No problem! Just contact us and we’ll take care of it. We work with custom label makers to create your label and then our staff will take care of affixing the labels to your wine bottles at no extra charge.

Want more convenience from your liquor buying experience? DELIVERY COMING SOON!!!